PARVATI VIDYAPEETH was established in 1998. Vidyapeeth has been established mainly to impart quality education to enlighten the society with the light of 'JNAN'. PARVATI VIDYAPEETH has established & introduced the 'SAJHI SIKSHA' system. Under this system Education will be imparted by sharing various aspect of resources which is important & needful to provide true education. It is the sole motto of Vidyapeeth to educate the people from the grass-root level in particular and reach towards the Globalisation of Education. The Vidyapeeth has worked hard in maintain the high ideals norms and specification formulated by the

Different Govt. Agencies both the Central & at the State level. With a mission to eradicate illiteracy, the Vidyapeeth has marched ahead conquering inaccessible heights overcoming every hurdles on its way to reflect its own identity as only unique Institution in India where students have been able to succeed in every walks of life through the means of Vidyapeeth's system. The Principle of ' SAJHI SIKSHA SYSTEM' inject & inculcate the cream of educational, moral, spiritual virtues & help us to bring education could be easily accessible in a better and democratized way. This system do not provide literacy only but make the people truly educated & such person can able to survive independently with creativity and also serve the society. In its mission the Vidyapeeth has not only been successful in educating people at the primary

Basic level but also at the elementary, secondary, higher Secondary & professional level. The Parvati Vidyapeeth is a non- commercial voluntary autonomous Educational and Social institution with the aims of expansion and promotion of Education, pays honour and due promotion to the educationists and generate new avenues for self- sufficient, Job- oriented & skill development education.

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